A Very Moroccan Thanksgiving Preview

Well, it’s just about 10am on Thanksgiving Eve, a wonderful day, and a little bit more so this year because it’s also my  6²  or 6^2  or 6×6, or simply put, 36th birthday. It’s also raining like the dickens outside, … Continue reading

Smoked Trout Rillette

Here’s a quicky for you. A few weeks ago, on my way back from the farm, I stopped by one of my favorite, roadside, Catskill farmer’s market and, well, spent a ton of cash on a ton of produce, cider, … Continue reading

The Delicious Rewards of Jury Duty

So, it’s done. Citizen Carlisle put in his 8 hrs of civic duty yesterday at the Brooklyn Court House. Months of anxiety built to this: 45 minutes with 7 others in a small room where only 2 alternates were needed. … Continue reading

Medové Rezy (aka Honey Cuts!)

I knew I’d done a wise thing when I married a handsome Slovak. What I didn’t anticipate was the deliciousness that came along with it, particularly when it comes to Eastern European sweets! I’d given him a 5-pound tub of … Continue reading

Delicious Delicata

It’s been a while. Summer happens and many things go into suspended animation (like spending 5 hours cooking a dinner meal). And then next thing you know, it’s Autumn, the most perfectly burnished time of year. The forecast is calling … Continue reading